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Click here to buy Diamond Select Marvel Spider-Man Action Figure by Diamond Select Diamond Select Marvel Spider-Man Action Figure
by Diamond Select
Sales Rank: 52626
Price: $20.18
At Amazon
on 6-23-2014.

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This toy features

- A Diamond Select release
- A new addition to the bestselling Marvel Select line
- Stands over 7" tall
- Multiple points of articulation
- Deluxe display base

A Diamond Select Release. The most popular super hero in the world is swinging into a neighborhood near you thanks to this unstoppable Marvel Select Spider-Man. Each Marvel Select figure stands over seven inches tall and features multiple points of articulation, plus a deluxe display base. This classic Spider-Man is perfect for any collection or the casual Spider-Fan.

What buyers say about this toy
This figure has a pretty good sculpt and the right costume to boot. That reason alone made me want this Spidey, and with all the reviews saying this is the Spidey to have I bit. When will Marvel authorize a Spidey with the correct articulation? This one has all of 4 and can pretty much only stand up straight. How often do you see Spider-Man do that? I want poses out of my Spidey figure that can make him look like he jumped off the cover of Amazing 300 or something. Forget getting good poses out of this guy. The sculpt is right The costume and paint are perfect. Where is the articulation to allow for decent Spidey poses?!?!

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