As Seen on TV Rocket Copters, Slingshot LED Heliptors

As Seen on TV Rocket Copters, Slingshot LED Heliptors by Ideavillage Product Corp

by Ideavillage Product Corp
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on 7-21-2018

Product Features
  • 6 LED Helicopters and 3 Slingshots
  • Launch 120 Feet in the Air
  • Dazzling spinning light show
  • Easy toy for all ages
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    Item Description

    As Seen on TV Rocket Copters - Slingshot LED Helicopter Launch Toy:
    • Toy launches like a rocket...flies like a helicopter!
    • LED lights for flights day or night
    • Toy launches up to 120 feet in the air with included launchers
    • Dazzling spinning light show can be seen from a half mile away
    • Kit includes: 6 Rocket Copters and 3 launchers
    • Find me at your local Walmart in the As Seen on TV section!

    What buyers are saying
    Recently I purchased Rocket Copters for my great grandson's 8th birthday. Not only did he have fun with them, but all of the adults had fun, too. We especially liked to shoot them up in the air after dark. They fly up a long distance then they have a light that shines down and a whistle as they fall to the ground. They are great fun for all.Here's a note: Only shoot them straight up so they come down to the shooter again. Shooting them on an angle would send them far away and they might be lost. These two orders of a total of 18 Rocket Copters I found on-line at Wal-Mart for the best price, so I ordered them in July for Christmas gifts for many family and friends.I would give them 5 stars. Thank you Wal-Mart for the excellent shipping and packaging and also for the best price. I will recommend them to all my friends.