Lego Minecraft Micro World: The End

Lego Minecraft Micro World: The End by Lego

by Lego
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on 4-8-2018

Product Features
  • Age Range: 10 years and up
  • 440 pieces
  • Includes the Ender Dragon and 4 Enderman Micromob figures

  • Item Description

    Lego Minecraft Micro World: The End:
    • Lego Minecraft building set oncludes the Ender Dragon and 4 Enderman Micromob figures
    • Recreate a new world as a micro-scale model
    • Experience The End, a new biome in the Lego Minecraft micro world set
    • Split the model into 4 sections for a new play experience
    • Destroy the Ender Crystals
    • Slay the fearsome Ender Dragon
    • Combine this Lego Minecraft building set with others in the same series to build your own world
    • Product dimensions: 3W (10cm) x 3D (10cm) x 3H (10cm)
    • Number of pieces: 440
    • Model number: 21107
    • Suited for children aged 8 years and older

    What buyers are saying
    The End is another great addition to the Minecraft Micro World sets. It shows another new dimension in which to play. It captures the look and feel of The End very well, and it comes with four Endermen micro mobs, which is quite generous and nice to get.While you might say there's a bit of a downside in the fact that The End doesn't really have the potential to expand by buying more sets, it wouldn't really make sense anyway. This one island is all we need to represent the entirety of The End.My favorite part of the micro worlds, however, is connecting multiple sets to make one big world. Now that we have The End and the Nether sets made, we can really get going now! Why not make a Desert or Jungle micro world next, LEGO? I know the minifigure scale sets are coming out soon, but that's no reason to abandon this wonderful little line of sets! Why not a Desert biome with skeleton and spider mobs, and a Jungle with Ocelot mobs? It would be a lot of fun to connect them to the existing sets in the Micro World line, and I'd sure buy multiples like I have with other sets!Future desires aside, this is a great set that will go nicely with your LEGO Minecraft Micro World.