KidKraft Bonita Rosa Dollhouse with 6 accessories included

KidKraft Bonita Rosa Dollhouse with 6 accessories included by KidKraft

by KidKraft
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on 10-2-2018

Product Features
KidKraft Bonita Rosa Dollhouse

Item Description

KidKraft Bonita Rosa Dollhouse:
  • Comes with 6 accessories
  • Kids' dollhouse has three floors
  • Each room is decorated with unique floor and wall patterns
  • Rooms include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and sitting room
  • Personalize with sticker letters
  • Outside of dollhouse has bold decorations

What buyers are saying
The house is beautiful and furniture well made, however, I gave it a low rating because it is very difficult to put together. The instructions are hard to understand. Also, there was a part, the third floor, that doesnt line up. It appears to have been manufactured wrong in dimensions because it never fits with nail. Three sides line up and the fourth hole on the third floor never lines up so I ended up not even holding it together with nail in that part. I basically will have to drill a new hole to fit. Should have just came already built!