7 Days to Die (Playstation 4)

7 Days to Die (Playstation 4) by Capcom

by Capcom
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on 1-17-2018

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What buyers are saying
7 Days To Die on the PC is a great game, but on the Consoles is it a perfect port of the PC version?No, Sadly.Does that mean that it's a bad game?No. While not perfect, it's still a fun game.On it's first release for the consoles, it was very rushed and was released untested, and we can thank TellTale for that, since they're the one who were responsible for the port. It was very disliked on Critics, due to Lag, Crashing, Clunky Controls, and Tons of Bugs, but others found it enjoyable. After almost a full year of it's release, it's now on version 1.10, fixing issues on it's first release. Some Issues are still here, but it's not as bad as before.7 Days To Die is a Zombie Crafting Survival Open World game. You have to survive as many days as you can. Every 7 Days, a group of zombies come after your base at night. The Zombies are fast and strong at night, but at day, they're slow and weak. People says that this game is \"Minecraft for Adults, inch which is understandable, since it kind of is like Minecraft, but more violent.So far in 1.10, I'm having a blast with this. Over 20+ hours into it, and I'm on Day 15.If you can get the Updates for 7 Days To Die, then you should get it. If you can't get the updates, then you should avoid. I thought my 30 Dollars to buy this was worth every penny.