Air Hogs Hawk Eye Helicopter

Air Hogs Hawk Eye Helicopter by Spin Master Ltd

by Spin Master Ltd
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on 9-30-2018

Product Features
  • Remote control helicopter
  • Camera recording functionality

  • Item Description

    Air Hogs Hawk Eye 1:
    • Remote control helicopter
    • Full functional control
    • Camera recording functionality
    • Air Hogs helicopter requires 3 AAA batteries

    What buyers are saying
    Out of the box the heli must be charged via the usb port on the pc, which is how the pictures and video are downloaded, very easy to operate. The controls during flight are more/less lift on the fans and a left/right stick with a trim adjustment. The trim is critical and must be dialed in to make the heli fly straight instead of a constant circles and spins. The video is somewhat grainy and like 320x200, the camera stores about 60mb, so enough for a bunch of pictures or more video then the battery can fly ( about 4-5 minutes ) After the first 5 cycles of charge and fly, rest and recharge... I noticed one of the linkages between the top blade and stabilizer had broke loose. There are 2 so it still is able to fly, but I wonder if it is unbalanced now because of that, and how long will it last? It must have happened on one of the many crash landings trying to control it. $60 bucks is a bit pricey for a heli like this, but with the camera it is probably worth it. Infra Red control, not RF, so line of sight is required. Two channels available.