Crayola Air-Dry Clay, 5 lb. Tub, White

Crayola Air-Dry Clay, 5 lb. Tub, White by Crayola LLC

by Crayola LLC
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on 10-2-2018

Product Features
  • 5lb White Air Dry Modeling Clay
  • Smoother, Finer and Less Sticky Than Traditional Clay, and Softens with Water

  • Item Description
    • Use Crayola air-dry clay to create a whimsical musical instrument
    • AP certified

    What buyers are saying
    There's a great deal of clay for the amount you pay! This is my first time working on a clay piece, started working the second it came in the mail. Some people are complaining about the mess this clay makes and the smell of it, but it's all perfectly normal for this level of clay, especially the air-dry kind. Tinier pieces tend to crumble under weight even after they've dried, but a lot of it depends on how well you mold it. Overall the piece has held together strong, I painted it with acrylics, and for the people wondering how to get that glossy, clean finish, I'd recommend buying some model magic glossy glaze from the same make.