Fisher Price 2-in-1 Projection Crib Mobile, Precious Planet

Fisher Price 2-in-1 Projection Crib Mobile, Precious Planet by Fisher-Price

by Fisher-Price
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on 10-2-2018

Product Features
  • Soothing light projection and music
  • Plays peaceful lullabies, nature sounds and more
  • Includes remote control

  • Item Description

    Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Projection Crib Mobile, Precious Planet:
    • Fisher Price crib mobile offers soothing light projection and music
    • Canopy brings the projection closer to babies, and they'll love the rotating motion of the plush characters
    • Baby crib mobile easily attaches to most cribs and plays peaceful lullabies, nature sounds and heart beat/white noise womb sounds for up to 20 minutes
    • As baby grows, remove the armature from the projection crib mobile, and the base remains as a soothing projection music box
    • Parents will enjoy the simple reactivation of the music and motion with the mobile's remote control
    • 3 settings with long-playing continuous music, music with motion and music, motion and projection
    • Mobile requires 3 D batteries, and the remote requires 2 AA batteries

    What buyers are saying
    I can not speak personally about the ease of set up since my boyfriend put it together and attached it to our daughter's crib, but he did not complain, so I assume it was fairly easy :) It's very cute and easy to operate. Our daughter loves to watch the toys go around and the projection is a great feature. We have not used the projector without the canopy yet but I think it will work wonderfully on the ceiling too. Our daughter seems to like the musical selection, the nature sounds and the heartbeat. I like that there is a variety of different sounds and the remote is absolutely a necessity! When she wakes up to find herself in her crib and the mobile is still on, she does not cry like she does if she wakes up alone in her bassinet or pack and play. She just coos so I'm able to hear her over the monitor and go to a happy baby rather than a cranky one! I do wish there was an option to keep the mobile on constantly instead of the 15 minutes or whatever it is that is preset, so I would not have to keep going in to turn it on in case she wakes up, however the remote does make it easier to do. I would recommend this mobile.