Fisher Price 2.2 Inches 100 Play Balls

Fisher Price 2.2 Inches 100 Play Balls by Bestway

by Bestway
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on 10-2-2018

Product Features
  • Comes in 4 assorted colors for a fun learning and playing experience
  • Made with air-filled heavy-duty material and finished with a smooth seam
  • Lightweight and portable

  • Item Description
    Bestway - Fisher-Price 2.2 Inches 100 Play Balls

    What buyers are saying
    I decided to be the \"cool inch mom and order a blow up pool for my son to use as a ball pit. He is only 8 months old but I wanted a fun activity to help break up the day. I keep certain toys in different rooms so that way he doesn't get tired of the same old thing. I actually am using this in his bedroom! I looked EVERYwhere for balls! Of course multiple stores sell the balls in all different amounts starting at 16 all the way to hundreds! However, I was finding them to pretty much be more expensive than the pool I ordered itself! I scrolled through pages and pages on Amazon, target, toys r us, and of course Walmart. The cheapest I was seeing balls were 20 plus dollars for 25/50 and coming from other countries without really any ratings! Thank goodness I looked on the Walmart mobile app! I was able to get 100 balls for about 10.00!! I also had them shipped to the store since it is so close to my house so I also didn't have to pay shipping!! I did however order 100 balls but I have only put half of that amount into his pool. 50 for us was enough for him to have room to play and kick some balls around while keeping some back in case he spit up ect. This way I am able to wipe off the ones in the pool now and always have some on reserve to not interrupt play time! When he gets older I will add the rest of the balls and I will order another 100 to keep on standby!! They're SUPER easy to clean and it doesn't leave any residue. Side note: I used to be a manager at a daycare/activity center and a lot of times when cleaning the balls it would leave white spotty residue from cleaning/disinfecting. This was not the case with these balls! I ADDED PHOTOS TO SHOW WITH THE BALLS. Remember I did order a package of 100; however, I inly have HALF that amount in the pool at this time but there is PLENTY of room for more! If I could've added 100 videos and pictures of him enjoying these balls I would have but my picture limit was 2 LOL!