Monopoly Junior Game

Monopoly Junior Game by Hasbro, Inc.

by Hasbro, Inc.
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on 1-17-2018

Product Features
  • Age Range: 5 years and up
  • Like the classic Monopoly game but easier for kids
  • Adorable character tokens

  • What buyers are saying
    I recently received this game from Hasbro to review. I have kids ages 3,5,9,&11. The oldest three absolutely loved this game. It's easy enough for the five year old to understand and he said it's the best game ever and already wants to play it again after school. The 9 &11 year olds enjoyed it as well, so did I actually! It kept them busy for close to two hours last night. Theres really not much set up involved, you open the box and just have to open the plastic on money and chance cards and punch out the little cards that match your figure in the game. you use these when you buy properties. My five year old especially loved his chance card that read inch It's your birthday, collect $1 from each player! What fun! I'd definitely buy this game knowing what I know now!