Crayola 36 Count Outdoor Washable Sidewalk Chalk, Walmart Exclusive

Crayola 36 Count Outdoor Washable Sidewalk Chalk, Walmart Exclusive by Crayola

by Crayola
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on 9-18-2018

Product Features

Create BIG outdoor art on sidewalks and driveways in exclusive Crayola colors Washable, spray away with water Draw fine lines, broad strokes or use with other Crayola outdoor chalk tools Anti-Roll shape keeps sticks handy without rolling away Features 24 classic Crayola col

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Item Description

Crayola 36-Count Sidewalk Chalk:
  • Contains 36 bright and bold colors
  • Crayola chalk is ideal for use on sidewalks and driveways
  • Anti-roll design keeps sticks in place when put on a surface
  • Each piece features a delightful design similar to a Crayola crayon