Bright Starts Click & Giggle Remote

Bright Starts Click & Giggle Remote by Bright Starts

by Bright Starts
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on 10-2-2018

Product Features
  • Age Range: 3 months and up
  • Allows baby to use a remote control the way Mom and Dad do
  • Includes batteries

  • Item Description
    Bright Starts - Click & Giggle Remote

    What buyers are saying
    My son started to play with our television remotes and then we gave him this remote. He still likes ours, but he loves to play with \"his own remote. inch He got this toy at about 5 months old and played with it when he went for the real remotes but they were taken away from him. Now he plays with this almost everyday. We have taken the purple attachment thing off of it and he chews on it as though it were a teether.The buttons for the volume plays songs, the buttons for channel changing play sounds that are almost like they changed the channel to a certain type of show (baseball game, animal sounds, sci-fi sounds, a laugh track, etc). The numbers play all kinds of songs and they count up to 9. The 1-6 are separate from the 7-0.It's a cute toy that has allowed him to feel important enough to have his own remote.