Estes 1403 Riptide Launch Set

Estes 1403 Riptide Launch Set by Estes

by Estes
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on 10-2-2018

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Item Description
The Riptide Launch Set is another great kit from the Ready to Fly (RTF) Series and with no assembly required, you are on the launch pad quick! Using standard Estes engines, it can reach cloud topping heights of over 650 feet. Rocketeers aged 10 and up can enjoy high-altitude thrills, with adult supervision for children under 12. For your launching convenience, an Estes launch pad and controller are included in the set. Assembled
This shinny rocket is factory assembled by specially trained craftsman to give you a top quality beginners rocket.
The Riptide can reach cloud topping heights of over 650 feet.

3, 2, 1, Lift Off!
Punch a hole in the atmosphere with this rocket! The Estes Riptide Launch Set contains almost everything you need for hours of high flying fun! This shiny rocket is factory assembled by specially trained craftsman to give you a top quality beginners rocket. The Riptide is ultra-aerodynamic and has highly reflective blue chrome colored fins and nose cone. The exciting Riptide stands 18 inches tall and returns smoothly to the launch site on a colorful 12 inch preassembled parachute. It also comes with an Estes launch pad and launch controller for your rocket launching convenience (four AA alkaline batteries required sold separately). Adding to your growing fleet of Rockets? Check out another Estes Classic inspired by a long-range ballistic missile, the Patriarch RTF Model Rocket Kit, which uses the same launch system that comes complete with the Riptide!
Blast Off to Learning Fun
In addition to the excitement and entertainment it provides, rocketry also has significant educational value. Model rockets transform kids into amateur rocket scientists, encouraging them to think Kout how the rockets work. Rocket building teaches kids the basics of propulsion, flight, and aerodynamics, and can help foster an early interest in science and engineering. As a part of the RTF series, the Riptide can be assembled in just minutes. No special tools or painting are required for this kit, leaving more time for flying. The Riptide is a reliKle, high performance rocket for kids of all ages to enjoy.
Mission Control
The Riptide requires Estes engines for the launch (not included). Start with the B4-4 engine for the first flight. Use Estes engines B6-4 or C6-5 for subsequent flights. Unless otherwise specified, all models require assembly. Tools, construction and finishing supplies sold separately. In order to launch, a launch system, model rocket engines, igniters, recovery wadding and four AA alkaline batteries are required sold separately unless otherwise specified. Read all instructions before beginning. Make sure you have all parts and supplies required. Test fit all parts before applying glue. Sand as necessary for precision assembly. Product color and shape may vary. When launching, stand back as far as the launch controller cord will allow (15 feet). Rocketry is not intended for indoor use. Choose a large field (500 feet), free of dry weeds and brown grass. Launch only with little or no wind and good visibility.
What s In The Box?
Preassembled Riptide rocket, 12 inch parachute, Electron Beam Launch Controller, Porta-Pad II Launch Pad and instructions.