Art Of Coloring Adult Coloring Case

Art Of Coloring Adult Coloring Case by LaRose Industries, LLC

by LaRose Industries, LLC
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on 4-20-2018

Product Features
Cra Z Art Art Of Coloring Animals - Timeless Creations

Item Description
37 pieces all store inside the case for coloring on the go! Great for travel or the busy artist!

What buyers are saying
I purchased this for myself and was excited to dive in only to find out the coloring pencils are poor quality. Every time I attempt to sharpen the pencil the lead breaks....they appear to be very soft and not for detailed coloring... this happened several times.... truly disappointing. I had to buy quality pencils from the art store. The coloring books are amazing... so I basically paid $10 each for the coloring books.. the pencils are worthless. Happy coloring :)