Bandai Namco Project Cars PlayStation Hits, Bandai Namco, PlayStation 4, 722674120173

Bandai Namco Project Cars PlayStation Hits, Bandai Namco, PlayStation 4, 722674120173 by Namco Bandai

by Namco Bandai
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on 10-2-2018

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  • Cars - With a huge range of cars and motorsports on offer - everything from road cars, US muscle, and supercars, to GT, Le Mans Prototypes, open wheel, and even karts; whatever your passion, there's something perfect for you - with more being added regularly!
  • Career - Create a driver, choose a starting motorsport, and sign your first contract. Succeed and you'll get offers from other teams, special invitations, and endorsements. Grow, evolve, and pursue a number of Historic Goals with the ultimate aim of being recognised in the Hall Of Fame.
  • Online - Create your own public and private race weekends including full practice, qualifying, and warmup sessions or browse and search all games currently being played across the globe to find the perfect game with others of your skill level and preference.
  • Community - Challenge your friends and the worldwide community in asynchronous Time Trial challenges with full downloadable ghost leaderboards, or compete in a regularly-updated season of special community events for real-world prizes.
  • Ultimate Variety - Race on over 60 unique tracks including closed circuits and point-to-point locations at any time of day and in ever-changing weather conditions. Play pre-defined championships in Season Mode, create your own, or simply visit the Test Track to tweak under the hood in on-track testing. The freedom is yours.
  • The Driver Network - The Driver Network allows players to face off against each other by comparing their stats and accolades, track career progress, and share highlights. Build up your Affinity with certain cars, tracks, and motorsports, and strive to retain strong Performance and Reputation ratings.
  • Beyond Reality - Project CARS is ready out of the box to hook up to your 4K television, Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus headset, nVidia Shield, or latest steering wheel setup. Plug in and sit back to experience gaming like you've never before; either with cinematic clarity or virtual reality immersion.

What buyers are saying
Car games are becoming increasingly hard to find, especially on the new consoles. I previously purchased Need for Speed but it is solely run on-line and destroys your wireless bandwidth. In fact, no other devices could pick up the wi-fi while the game was on. Project Cars is very different. It runs on the console which frees up wireless bandwidth. You can drive all major forms of racing series, circuits, and cars. All-in-all it's a great game, and you certainly can't beat the price!