Air Hogs Fury Jump Jet R C Helicopter

Air Hogs Fury Jump Jet R C Helicopter by Generic

by Generic
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on 8-23-2018

Product Features
  • Age Range: 8 years and up
  • Hover and Jet modes
  • Fury Jump Jet, remote control and instruction manual

  • Item Description

    Air Hogs Fury Jump Jet R/C Helicopter:
  • Age range: 8 years and up
  • Unique, remote-controlled jet
  • Rotating wings allow it to hover like a helicopter and fly line a jet
  • R/C helicopter toy has vertical lift-off
  • Air Hogs helicopter has mid-air transformation
  • Navigate both indoors and outside
  • R/C helicopter toy has hover and jet modes
  • 4 AA batteries required (not included)
  • Includes: 1 Fury Jump Jet, 1 remote control and instruction manual
  • Go solo or let a friend bring their own for a thrilling experience

  • What buyers are saying
    I decided to fly this aircraft myself, as I am much less capable than is my 10 year old nephew.Right out of the box, there is nothing to put together, it's poly material... glossy fuselage and dense foam wings and tail, reflective red stickers indicating windows. No wheels or landing gear.IF you are getting this for your child as a gift, I think it's great that they will have to wait while the controller charges up the aircraft. That 20-30 minutes can be spent going over the does and don'ts as well as getting acquainted with the very simple controls.You will need four (I recommend rechargeable) AA batteries... not included. The batteries are kept in the R/C controller and that connected by wire to the aircraft body (see photos).There is black tape on the underside of the wings.. do NOT remove.In the attached video demonstration, I launch it by hand... it is recommended and safer for little fingers, to launch from a flat surface. Starts with the wings in the verticle position and then, after the props are turning, you can push the button that switches the wing pitch forward for forward flight.At full throttle, expect from 5 to 10 minutes of flight out of a single charge. The second charge seems to happen quicker than the first charge.When it seemed to be headed for a crash, I was able to switch the wing to the vertical position and elevate out of danger. At times, I was too slow with that and it did crash.The aircraft is light enough that when it does run into things or hit the ground, nothing gets damaged, so the build is pretty darn good!Keep track of the range, around 170 ft. and don't even try to fly it in breezy weather... it has no chance against headwinds and blows off course easily. Controls are not precise and you will be adjusting the rocker buttons to center the flight direction... this calibrates the controls/position. The vertical flight position is a little uncontrolled.. it simply spirals left or right, but you can't control forward or reverse and the slightest breeze sends it in any direction.. BUT this does get it away from the ground.It's fun, it's easy to learn and use... should provide hours of enjoyment OUTSIDE. Don't even attempt to fly indoors, it will not make tight turns as there is no tail rudder.Do I recommend it? YES!Why only four stars? Well, lack of precise control/responsiveness and vertical takeoff is nice but landing is a \"controlled crash inch at best.Priced right as compared to my nephew's other flying toys.