Monster High Beast Bites Cafe Draculaura Doll Playset

Monster High Beast Bites Cafe Draculaura Doll Playset by Mattel

by Mattel
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on 1-17-2018

Product Features
  • Age Range: 6 years and up
  • Play out exciting Monster High Creepateria scenes with this freaky play set

  • What buyers are saying
    Mattel has lowered their manufacturing quality of the new monster high and ever after doll bodies now being offered. Look at the box if you are purchasing. I love the old dolls, and they have such a big fan base... these new dolls are NOT jointed/articulated anymore. There are no elbow or wrist joints. There are some without knee joints. They are stiff and look ODD, and even the overall doll appearance seems \"off\", and they just are not as pretty as they once were. I would have suggested providing replacement arms and hands as accessory packs to replace lost hands, not changing the doll.