Best Choice Products 24-Key Kids Toddler Learning Musical Electronic Keyboard w Lights,...

Best Choice Products 24-Key Kids Toddler Learning Musical Electronic Keyboard w  Lights,... by Best Choice Products

by Best Choice Products
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on 10-2-2018

Product Features
  • Mix up your music with 24 piano keys, 4 drums, and a microphone for tons of ways to play
  • The dual speaker stereo, built-in microphone, and MP3 jack let your child play and sing with high-definition quality playback
  • Activate the teaching mode to let your child follow along w

  • Item Description
  • Electronic keyboard is made with 24 piano keys, 4 drums, and more
  • Includes a dual speaker stereo, built-in microphone, and MP3 jack
  • Set allows children to play and sing with quality, high-definition playback
  • Teaching mode and other demo modes have kids follow along with light-up keys
  • Complete with options for adjusting volume, rhythm, and songs
  • ASTM-certified for children 18 months and older

  • What buyers are saying
    Made of colorful plastic, this toy electronic piano targets children 18-months or older. Having the measurements of 16-by-8-by-14.5 inches and weighing 2.3 pounds, it has a 24-key piano with 21 selections, 4 musical button options including drums, adjustable microphone with holder, USB cable, and subwoofer cable. Little assembly is required of inserting batteries using a Phillips head screwdriver and adding the 2 sturdy plastic legs to the instruments underside. Instructions are included on the side of the box. It does not come with the 4 required AA batteries.Having several grandchildren who visit often, we know they will need toys to keep occupied, especially when staying at our house. I like how this childs piano is interactive and educational as it introduces young ones to sound and music. More advanced children can learn to play a tune by pressing the numbered keys and following the lights in the teaching mode. It also has buttons to change the sounds to a violin, trumpet, music box, guitar, and organ to name a few. There are 2 volume switches, and when hooked up to an MP3 player, it can record and replay. I like that the microphone and its holder are detachable.Some may not like that this toy makes noise and music, which may be distracting. Others may think it has too many features for an 18-month-old child, but there are 4 large buttons that can be pressed. I was concerned that the cord to the microphone is plugged in on the right side, yet the holder is on the left, allowing the cord to possibly dangle around a toddlers hand, arm, or foot.When in the teaching or musical mode and the piano keys or buttons light up, the lighting is very weak and hard to see unless in a dimly lit room; the lights should be brighter. It would be thoughtful if it included the 4 needed batteries.If you are looking an engaging toy that promotes playing music and understanding an instrument like the piano, this would be a good choice. If you are giving it to a young toddler, it would be best if you removed the microphone/holder/cable as a safety precaution as it still plays music without it (or make sure it is wrapped around the back side of the unit, not the front).Thanks to Best Choice for this sample that I am freely evaluating.