iSing Deluxe Karaoke with Screen

iSing Deluxe Karaoke with Screen by Sakar International

by Sakar International
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on 6-23-2018

Product Features
  • Age Range: 5 years and up
  • Built-in monitor displays lyrics
  • Portable design

  • Item Description

    iSing Deluxe Karaoke Machine with Screen, Black:
    • Square design
    • Built-in monitor displays lyrics
    • Portable design
    • Microphone with on/off switch
    • Can connect to audio-enabled device
    • 2 microphone input jacks on front
    • Microphone volume and echo controls

    What buyers are saying
    Vivitar iSing Deluxe Screen KaraokeItem #KO2-05102-BKWM-COMThis machine is compact and lightweight with handles on each side making it extremely easy to transport. I like that I can move it from room to room or even quickly unplug it and take it with me to a friend's house or wherever I'd like! The owners manual made set up and play extremely simple. I did have to play with the unit some to figure out exactly how far away I needed to stand in order to prevent feedback while using the microphone but that wasn't difficult at all. This machine comes with what seems to be a high-quality microphone. I like that it came with a mic holder so the microphone didn't have to lay messily on the floor or on top of the unit. I had initially been excited to see that this karaoke machine came with a holder for my iPhone too but this sadly didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. Because the plastic iPhone holder is not adjustable, my iPhone 6s would not fit inside of it while in its protective case. My cell did fit once I removed itfrom the case but I very, very, very rarely take my phone from the case. I don't plan on using the iPhone holder very often if ever. I don't know what age group this karaoke machine was originally created for but being that I am a grown woman, I'd have preferred for it to be to be all black or black with gray, omitting the white plastic parts. In my opinion, an all black or black and gray design would make this karaoke machine look more elegant. However, this may have been designed for children or teens in which case the white plastic parts makes more sense. Regardless of the plastic parts, this device does not look cheap; it's not something I'm embarrassed to display in my home.I was very disappointed to discover that the karaoke CD that came with the unit contained only 2 songs. The song, \"Counting Stars inch and the song, \"Love Story inch are on the CD twice, played differently each time (there's a, \"karaoke mix inch and a, \"vocal mix inch version of each song equaling 4 songs total. Unfortunately, none of these songs were my style so I found no benefit whatsoever to having the CD. Because I don't own any other karaoke CDs, my only other option was to use music from my iPhone and non-karaoke CDs. Using the 35mm auxiliary cable that came with the unit it was easy to figure out how to play music from my iPhone and my own personal CD collection through the unit speakers. However, the machine didn't recognize or display any of the words to the songs played from my iPhone or regular CDs which was understandable yet also disappointing. Perhaps this machine can display the words to songs played off of sites such as YouTube via my iPhone yet I doubt it since there is no information in the manual regarding how to do that. Because I still don't know how to obtain music that will display lyrics onto the karaoke machine's screen, I'm not currently too thrilled with the unit. However, as soon as I locate some karaoke CDs, I am sure I will be having an absolute blast! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]