New Bright 1:8 Radio Control 4x4 Ford Raptor Truck Black

New Bright 1:8 Radio Control 4x4 Ford Raptor Truck Black by New Bright Industrial Co., Ltd.

by New Bright Industrial Co., Ltd.
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on 6-15-2018

Product Features
New Bright 1:8 Rc 4x4 Ford Raptor

Item Description
��� 4��4 Flex Chassis
��� Full Function Radio Control
��� Forward/Reverse Driving
��� Left/Right Pivot Steering
��� 2.4 GHz Technology
��� Longer Range
��� Faster Response
��� Internal Antenna

What buyers are saying
Wonderful detail on this Ford Raptor 4x4 truck and its HUGE! So are the tires but they sound like plastic rolling over pavement which can be hard on the ears after awhile. Other New Bright R/C vehicles have real rubber tires and better grip than this one but that fact didnt seem to stop the Raptor from climbing over whatever I put in front of it. Steering however is horrible--like a tank where you have to press the sticks opposite directions to get it to turn and press them in the same direction to drive forward or in reverse. This mechanism allows for 360 degree spinouts but the cool factor is quickly surpassed by the aggravation of having to learn a whole new way to operate this thing. And I dont know if its just this particular one, but it pulls to one side badly and there's no adjustment as with other New Bright products. If it wasnt so huge and such a hassle, I'd probably return it and see if I have better luck with a replacement. Just a lot of frustration with this product that takes away from the fun.