Crayola 12 Count Eraseable Colored Pencils

Crayola 12 Count Eraseable Colored Pencils by Crayola

by Crayola
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on 8-29-2018

Product Features
Erasable colored pencils allow students to achieve quality finished projects, knowing they can erase and redo strokes without starting over. Make changes and corrections anytime. Thick, soft lead lays down smooth, delivering even color with no white spaces. Pre-sharpened points stay sharp longer.

Item Description
Great for use at home or school, Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils are an essential creative tool for kids. This pack of 12 pre-sharpened colored pencils with erasers let kids easily redo drawings or correct mistakes. Create brightly colored lines that are perfect for school projects and creating detailed artwork.

What buyers are saying
So great! My kids love it very much.