Battlefield Hardline (Playstation 4)

Battlefield Hardline (Playstation 4) by Electornic Arts

by Electornic Arts
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on 1-17-2018

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What buyers are saying
I didn't mind the game at all. My attention has been grabbed by a new release, however the online game play has been good for me in the Battlefield series. Being a veteran myself, first person shooters are not like the real thing, at all. I can tell you this though, if you get a headset and play this game, the hiss and cracks of the bullets and the thud of explosions is pretty spot on. Caused me to start sweating a few times. I would definitely give this game a go, the online features are fun and with the aspect of cops and robbers it keeps it interesting.The only reason I wouldn't give this 5 stars is because of the one thing I find interesting, that's the cops and robbers aspect. As a former infantry guy I will always take the chaos of the true battlefield over police.