Halo Covenant Brute Chopper Set Mega Bloks 96845

Halo Covenant Brute Chopper Set Mega Bloks 96845 by Mega Brands

by Mega Brands
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on 1-19-2018

Product Features
-* Buildable rapid assault vehicle with multiple battlefield uses
* Dual auto-cannons and bladed chassi
* 74 highly detailed pieces
* Large front wheel,reinforced for increased ramming power
* Includes 1 Covenant Brute and 1 UNSC Green Marine mini action figures with Machine Gun turret
The Type-25 Rapid Assault Vehicle (abbreviated Type-25 RAV), colloquially known as the Brute Chopper, or simply as the Chopper by UNSC personnel, is a Covenant Loyalist ground vehicle. It is used exclusively by the Jiralhanae.

What buyers are saying
We got this item as a gift for a friends son that we didn't know much about. But we figuerd that with it being Legos, Halo, AND a motorcycle we couldn't miss. The only thing I didn't like wzas that the instructions are picture only and they are small pictures at that. But the kid loved it and it seemed a great product.