Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck w Remote Control, 3 Speeds, Spring Suspension,...

Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck w  Remote Control, 3 Speeds, Spring Suspension,... by

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on 1-17-2018

Product Features
Nothings better than cruising in your truck, the sun shining down, and a juice box in hand. Start ˜em young and add another car to your garage with this ride-on truck, complete with in-car and remote-control steering. Adventure awaits: get some grass in the treads of those traction wheels and conqu

What buyers are saying
My sons are 7 and 4 years old and they both love riding in this Jeep truck from Best Choice Products. I installed it alone since my husband is out of the city and I'm so glad it was super easy. All the screws and other parts fit perfectly in their proper places. It took me around 1 hour to finish everything. Thankfully, the manual is very understandable in a step by step manner. It is a one seater truck with a seat belt. It is very easy to operate through the foot pedal that acts as the accelerator and the gear stick on the right side next to the steering wheel. The gear stick is a basic Forward-Stop-Reverse system of which my 4 yr-old picked up easily. Upon turning the car ON, you hear the vroom vroom sound which is really cool!You can easily play your favorite music using the Aux jack port or TF card near the USB port. I tried hooking my iPod with the aux cord and it worked. But my kids' favorite is just listening to the radio station which you can easily change the channel by pressing the left button on the steering wheel. Yes, it has a built-in FM Radio and musical tunes.To make sure it turns ON. You open the hood and attach the RED wire to the top of the battery connector. Also, make sure to charge the built-in battery for 12 hrs before running this truck for the first time. It actually came with a remote control which, honestly, I wasn't able to use it as my boys know how to drive this truck on their own. Using the remote won't be fun for them although it helps for emergency stops. But of course, it's a great help for kids who are still learning and don't know how to operate the truck well. Overall, this Jeep has superior quality using the new technology. The design is unique, fun and very entertaining!I love how this look, how fast I assembled it and most especially the great features it offers.It helps my kids to get away from screens. Also, it helps them value the act of sharing and to take turns. It also helps them to be more patient and be more friendly. I highly recommend it!I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest/unbiased review during its promotional period.