Barbie 1959 Original Teenage Fashion Model Barbie

Barbie 1959 Original Teenage Fashion Model Barbie by Barbie

by Barbie
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on 12-1-2017

Product Features
  • Barbie Doll's 50th anniversary
  • Now is the opportunity to reconnect with a long-lost friend
  • A faithful reproduction of the 1959 Teenage Fashion Model Barbie doll

What buyers are saying
I was not fortunate enough to own the original Barbie, and so it was wonderful to have a \"second chance inch to own such a great recreation of this style of Barbie. The fashion included with it is faithfully recreated, the doll even is styled with the special stand for her, as only the very first Barbie had. I highly recommend this doll for any new collector, or someone who wants fine quality and reproduction dolls that are just perfect for all! The packaging is super, you would almost be tempted to leave her in the box she comes in, but do take her out, enjoy and relive the memories of Barbie.