Air Hogs Heli Cage Yellow

Air Hogs Heli Cage Yellow by Spinalglide

by Spinalglide
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on 10-2-2018

Product Features
Air Hogs - Heli Cage Yellow

Item Description

Air Hogs Heli Cage, Yellow:

  • Air Hog helicopter with protective cage
  • Ring shield system ensures it always lands upright
  • Virtually indestructible it can hover, slam and continue to fly
  • Can fly through tight space s
  • Item is durable

What buyers are saying
Initially great fun, but on 2nd use the blade caught a wooden surface a broke in 2. The cage does not offer sufficient protect for the blade which is brittle.We took ours back and exchange for one with a more enclosed cage.Obviously we brought this as a training helicopter before moving on to a more expensive a delicate model.Our son is 6 and very into this kind of thing, we were using this product in a large indoor room with very few reason for an accident to happen, flat ceiling, carpeted floors and we still broke it in the 2nd use.There are better products available for the same money.