Sky Viper V2450 HD Video Streaming Drone with FPV

Sky Viper V2450 HD Video Streaming Drone with FPV by SKYROCKET TOYS LLC

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on 10-2-2018

Product Features
  • FPV headset to experience the drone's point of view.
  • Includes optional pro-style thumbsticks for the controller.
  • Pivoting camera points forward to capture the flight path or downward to record the scenery below.
  • Auto Launch and Land for one-button stationary hover and a gentle landing.
  • Micro SD card slot (card sold separately) enables direct video recording.

Item Description
The V2450FPV Streaming Video Drone enhances your flying experience with your drone's point of view. The included FPV headset puts live streaming video from your flight right in front of your eyes, as if you were on board (smart device required for use). Enjoy other features as well. Flight Assist makes flying simple so you can focus on getting the perfect picture. Advanced enough to satisfy discerning enthusiasts, the V2450FPV is also lightweight, durable and safe enough for beginner pilots.

What buyers are saying
Im 31 and got this and 3 batteries for $130... First OFF, indestructible is the first word that comes to mind. It says good for 200ft range but we range finder'd it UP to a height (fresh batteries) to 322ft! Put an SD card in as the camera relay is very studdery, but plauback using SD is smooth and HD. Soo indestructible, lets elaborate... I dropped it from 150ft and it is fine. Ive run it into several trees, poles, a dunk relative, my roof, etc... Still on original blades and have NOT used gaurds. Let a relative fly it at night and he lost it (drunk) we assume it fell from 100ft plus into a tree for 2 days one of which it rained. Neighbor spotted it and guess what, it STILL WORKS!!!!!! I cannot stress as a mechanic who knows how to beat on things, how TOUGH this thing is folks. Toss on the gaurds to not hurt people and sacrifice agility or leave off. Either WAY, while its not the fanciest, toughest drone of the 8 ive had!