Kid Galaxy Remote Control Claw Climber, CHeetah

Kid Galaxy Remote Control Claw Climber, CHeetah by Kid Galaxy

by Kid Galaxy
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on 11-21-2017

Product Features
  • Age Range: 5 years and up
  • Remote control off-road vehicles with high torque motors and independent suspension
  • Claws in the wheels extend for more traction

    What buyers are saying
    This item didn't work as soon as we opened it. After a long time of battery changing and inspecting, we found that a spring in the battery compartment was not there. My husband rigged something (aluminum foil or something similar) to put between the battery and connector so there was electrical contact and it works. I see the other review also didn't work so I wonder if this is a production issue.Haven't played with it long enough to decide how well it is other than that and if there is another issue with it not working, I'm afraid to send it back