RC DX 2in Nano Drone

RC DX 2in Nano Drone by Merchsource, LLC.

by Merchsource, LLC.
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on 10-2-2018

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Sharper Image Rc Drone- Nano

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RC DX 2in Nano Drone

What buyers are saying
I have five grandsons in town and four of them received one from me. I was around with one grandson who was given the beginner one, he is 11 and he went nuts over it because he could use it inside and out. We flew it at night and honestly it went so high up that we could no longer see it. So it says 100 ft range and it means it. I heard if the battery is weak it can loose control and land in a near by tree but we did not have that issue we few it lower. Inside he played for hours and hours because it recharges fast and charge last a good while. The only issue is in three days he went though all the blades and now we have to wait for more. He loves it and the toy itself is very durable. I would give it a 4 and a half because since it goes so fast and when it hits the wall enough times the little blades crack and break. There are about 8 or 12 extra included but like I said he played three days inside due to bad weather and he was not as careful in our little house. The older grandson's have not received theirs yet but they have a huge home so I am sure they will have a blast. Great buy for fun and size.