Lego Minecraft Micro World The Village Building Set

Lego Minecraft Micro World The Village Building Set by LEGO Systems, Inc.

by LEGO Systems, Inc.
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on 10-2-2018

Product Features
  • Age Range: 10 years and up
  • 466 pieces
  • Includes 3 buildable Micromob figures

  • Item Description

    Lego Minecraft Micro World The Village Building Set:
    • 466 pieces in the Lego building set
    • Includes 3 buildable Micromob figures: the pig, the villager and the zombie
    • Build houses and grow crops
    • Model# 21105

    What buyers are saying
    The Village Minecraft set is a great set for any minecraft fan. It comes with two houses, a farm and a snowy mountain above an underground mine shaft. Inside the mineshaft you'll find micro chests and tnt, and walls that can be slid out as if they were blown up. A villager, a zombie, and a pig are all included, but extra pieces for each are included, so if you have a 1 x 1 brown slab, a 1 x 1 blue brick and a pink brick with two side studs, you can build another one of each. Or, if you don't have an extra brown slab, there are still enough extra pieces to build a slightly shorter villager. The mobs look excellent and add a lot more to the experience. The set itself is very detailed and beautiful, especially the houses, even if they aren't big enough to actually fit the villagers.The set can connect with the other released minecraft sets, so you can make one big minecraft world with your collection. One small complaint I have is that there aren't connecting blocks on every side of the set, so you won't have as much freedom with rearranging the four chunks as you did in the original forest set and they won't stay together quite as snugly.That aside, this is an awesome minecraft set, and hopefully not the last, because I'll bet I'm one of the thousands of fans just waiting to build the best and biggest minecraft world ever with these amazing micro sets.