Munchkin Bath Dunkers

Munchkin Bath Dunkers by Munchkin

by Munchkin
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on 10-2-2018

Product Features
  • Basketball-inspired bath toy with net and hoop
  • Backboard and net attach to tub wall via suction cup

  • Item Description
    • Includes backboard, net, and three fish balls
    • Backboard features sturdy suction-cup mounts for use on any flat surface
    • Pufferfish balls can squirt water for extra fun
    • Helps babies and toddlers build hand-eye coordination
    • For children aged 12 months and up
    • Rinse with water and air dry before storing

    What buyers are saying
    I bought this for my 14 month old who has developed a love for basketballs and basketball hoops. Out of the package, I slapped it into the bathtub and we had quite a bit of fun. The backboard itself is a separate piece that sits atop the hoop in two little grooves. The net can tighten up to catch the birds (er, fish...but they look like birds to me) or loosen it so they fall straight through. The suction cups I wish were stronger, because one of them is so loose that when any weight is applied, the basket slides 90 degrees so it ends up perpendicular to the floor. I've tried everything to get it to stick and it just laughs at me, so I've taken to sticking it above the metal part of the tub so it can't slip. It is still a great toy, and my kid loves putting anything and everything into it. I've also used it in the tile shower with decent success.