Crayola 28 count Colored Oil Pastel Sticks, 2-15 16"x1 2"

Crayola 28 count Colored Oil Pastel Sticks, 2-15 16"x1 2" by Crayola

by Crayola
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on 5-30-2018

Product Features
  • Smooth, creamy laydown of bright, vivid, opaque color
  • Jumbo-sized, no-roll hexagonal stick with tapered point

  • Item Description

    Crayola 28-Count Colored Oil Pastel Sticks, 2-15/16 inch x 1/2:

    • Oil pastel sticks for kids
    • Includes 28 sticks
    • Each measures 2-15/16 inch x 1/2
    • Render bright, vivid opaque color that blends to a true secondary color
    • Jumbo sized sticks for small hands
    • Hexagonal to avoid rolling off of desks
    • Tapered point for detail drawing

    What buyers are saying
    This is definitely a children's product. And when I ordered it...I knew that and expected it. The reason I ordered this set, even tho I already own two other brands of children's oil pastels was to add to my range of colors available.I'm trying to get into painting with what are called soft oil pastels. And yes, they are significantly more expensive.The whole purpose of oil pastels is to have use of vivid and vibrant colors that a person can blend together on the page. There are hard and soft pastels. Children's oil pastels are usually the hard pastels as they have more binders that helps resist breakage. An oil pastel in reality is a piece of pigment held together with binders such wax. And as I understand it the harder the pastel stick the less pigment that is found in the stick.Professional pastel artists many times use a combination of hard and mostly soft pastels and in addition pastel pencils for their paintings and drawings.Crayola is not on the list of a professional artists \"hard pastel\". Way too much binding. There are more expensive and better hard pastels that work much better with the blending of colors than brands like Crayola or Pentel or Cray-Pas.Don't get me wrong...these oil pastels are not bad products for children, but for anyone that is wanting to learn basic blending of colors...they will have to spend a bit more money and purchase some basic colors of soft pastels.The pros of brands like Crayola is the extreme vivid and bright colors you can get from an oil pastel verses a crayon. This to me was very addicting...even as an adult...when introduced to probably the cheapest brand of oils pastels for young students.This is why I am recommending this product...but I recommend it to children aged 4 to 6. Old enough not to eat the product but young enough to just be using them for coloring. Which in my opinion is an excellent use. Of all the cheaper brands, Crayola has performed the best that's why I give it five stars. And for the is an excellent value. It met my expectations for the purpose of my purchase. And I hope that parents will introduce their children to this media via Crayola Oil Pastels. Once a child sees the bright colors...they won't want anything else. Enjoy the colors!