Social Sabotage: An Awkward Party Game by BuzzFeed

Social Sabotage: An Awkward Party Game by BuzzFeed by Cardinal

by Cardinal
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on 1-31-2018

Product Features
The first party game by BuzzFeed
Ages 17 and up
500 hilariously awkward cards to post on social media

What buyers are saying
This game was more fun than scary! All my friends were really nervous to play it at first because they were afraid of who they would have to send things to or what they would have to post on social media but it was actually a lot of fun. I liked that you get to choose what you get to say so the more people the better because then you have more options! So if its something like texting someone random, it won't be too scary because you can choose the one that isn't too out there. The only thing that I didn't really like, but maybe I didn't read the directions correctly, was there was an instance where someone had to post something on instagram and because no one had a card that was \"take a picture inch type card, they were all sayings, we weren't really sure what exactly she was supposed to post. But it isn't the worst thing, it was still really fun! We are definitely going to play at the next party!