SKLZ Zip-N-Hit Controlled Pitch Baseball Batting Trainer

SKLZ Zip-N-Hit Controlled Pitch Baseball Batting Trainer by SKLZ

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on 6-25-2018

Product Features

  • Portable batting cage
  • Increases bat speed, swing technique and hand-eye coordination
  • Pitch a variety of balls 

Item Description

SKLZ Zip-N-Hit Pro Controlled Pitch Baseball Batting Trainer
  • Builds focus and confidence 
  • Increases bat speed 
  • Teaches top-half hitting while reinforcing a level baseball swing
  • Ideal for pitches of different levels 
  • Comes with an attachment clip and strap, for easy attachment almost anywhere
  • Comes with a 10 inch white ball

What buyers are saying
We live in an area that does not allow us to hit live balls. This works great when we attach to the pole of our basketball hoop. One of the nice things is that it comes with a spare zip cord...since the friction of the ball will ultimately breakdown the zip cord. The ball seems to be very durable thus far. The zip cord seems to be decent. Unfortunately, the clip that attaches to our pole is made of plastic. It is also the part that takes the most beating from the ball. I actually took an auto wash sponge and some duck tape and created padding to protect the clip from the ball impact. After using twice, a couple plastic pieces on the handles seperated. It is still usable but proved it is of fairly inferior quality. Overall, it is a great idea and the ball seems to be able to take a beating. I wish they would have made the pressure points of the contraption out of more durable material. I expect it will last maybe 2 to 3 seasons. After the plastic pieces become useless, I plan to make my own more durable version and just reuse the ball.