Spin Master Games Escape Room The Game

Spin Master Games Escape Room The Game by Spin Master Ltd.

by Spin Master Ltd.
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on 9-24-2017

Product Features
Bring home the fun and excitement of an escape room to play with friends and family at home!

Item Description

Product Features
  • Players 3-5
  • 60 minutes to escape
  • 4 thrilling escape rooms
  • Chrono decoder included
  • Knowledge of english required
  • Playing time 60 min.

Chrono Decoder
The Chrono Decoder is the ultimate console for your Escape Room experience. It counts down from 60 minutes. As soon as you press start, the clock will start ticking and time will be your worst enemy. The sounds become more intense as the time runs out to add extra pressure.

Enter the correct keys into the Chrono Decoder to move further in the game. If the code is wrong a minute will be taken off your time. But if the code is right, you progress to part 2 of the game. By entering the correct code in part 3 of the Escape Room, the time will stop on the Chrono Decoder.

How Much Time Do You Have Left?
The Chrono Decoder reminds you to take hints at certain moments in the game and will let you know if the codes are right or wrong.



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What buyers are saying
My husband and i were looking for a game that we could play alone, that was a little different then the usual cards and board games. We are both fans of escape room games in general, and thought this would be fun to try. At first we didn't know what to expect, but as you get into the game, things start to fall into place. Really fun, and the only reason i won't give it 5 stars is because there is no replay value. You could possibly give the game to someone else to try, but that won't work with all of the sections. Anyway, ir really makes you think!