Halo Orbital Banshee Blitz Set Mega Bloks 97010

Halo Orbital Banshee Blitz Set Mega Bloks 97010 by Generic

by Generic
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on 9-4-2018

Product Features
-Armory Set #6.

Item Description
Establish your army, build and expand your units with the Halo Orbital Banshee Blitz by Mega Bloks! Sounding just as frightening as its land counterpart, the Orbital Banshee is a one-man space craft of the Covenant. The Orbital Banshee is armed with twin Heavy Plasma Cannons and the devastating Fuel Rod Cannon for ship-to-ship dogfights. A single Automated Point-Defense Turret is the UNSCs only hope in defending against this enemy.Ideal for children ages 8 and up!Features: Buildable Orbital Banshee and Point-Defense Turret UNSC Figurine: Spartan in EVA Orange armor Covenant Figure: Elite in Pilot Silver harness Armory pieces: Elite Combat helmet Weapons: Focus Rifle, Rocket Launcher

What buyers are saying
My son (9) was excited when he saw the picture on the box but when he built it he was happy for that day then was bored with it. I thought it looked cool! he gave it to his little brother (5) and he LOVES it