Crayola Air-Dry Clay, 5 lb. Tub, Terra Cotta

Crayola Air-Dry Clay, 5 lb. Tub, Terra Cotta by Crayola LLC

by Crayola LLC
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on 10-2-2018

Product Features
  • Easy to mold into fun creations
  • No oven or kiln needed
  • Convenient, reusable bucket keeps clay fresh

  • Item Description
    Easy to use terracotta clay enables consumers to make solid, durable forms without the need for baking in an oven or firing in a kiln. Resealable plastic bucket of Air Dry Clay. This fine, natural terracotta earth clay dries to a hard solid. Easy to use with traditional modeling techniques. Its also a snap to clean up. Smoother, finer and less sticky than traditional clay, needs no oven or kiln. Softens easily with water and quickly cleans from hands and surfaces.