Estes Blurzz Rocket-Powered Dragster Set 3 pc Box

Estes Blurzz Rocket-Powered Dragster Set 3 pc Box by Estes-Cox Corp.

by Estes-Cox Corp.
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on 9-30-2018

Product Features
  • Age Range: 10 years and up
  • Blurzz race sets are fly assembled, decorated and ready to run with the addition of an A10-PT engine and 9V alkaline battery
  • 1:24th scale speeds of up to 500 mph

  • Item Description
    • Estes Blurzz Rocket-Powered Dragster Set includes vehicle, launch controller, parachute, and carrying case
    • Lime green coloring with black and white accents
    • Incredible 1:24 scale speed
    • Sure to spur hours of fun alone or with friends
    • Suitable for outdoor use only
    • A wonderful birthday or holiday gift for boys and girls ages 12 and older

    What buyers are saying
    Have used these rocket cars several times with the kids at a foster care center, about 20 kids each time. Set up 4 lanes so that 4 cars could run at the same time for each heat. If you're accustomed to using the rocket launch controllers, these work in a similar way. All of the cars ran great. Each child ran car their 3 times. Only complaint is that they are only available as a complete set, including a launch controller. But once you have a launch controller, you don't need another one. Would like the car to be available separately. Even better would be to have parts also available. Sometimes the motor holder might get a little melted, and then a new car is needed because the motor housing is not available separately. But every time, the kids really have a blast. Cars always speed all the way to the end of the run. Parachutes always worked. It is important to keep the line, that the car follows, very tight. We use 2 bricks as weights on top of both the start and finish blocks. Using a soda bottle per instructions is not sufficient. When prepping for a run, it is important to mount the igniter so that it is tight against the fuel grain inside the motor, for quick ignition.