Days of Wonder Ticket To Ride Board Game

Days of Wonder Ticket To Ride Board Game by Days of Wonder

by Days of Wonder
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on 1-15-2018

Product Features
  • Game enacts a cross-country train adventure
  • Includes detailed board, game cards and more

  • What buyers are saying
    I played many board games as a kid and most of them came down to luck. You got stuck on one path where dice or a spinner would randomly decide you fate. Ticket to Ride is not one of those games. Players collect cards to claim routes, and longer routes get you more points. I love the fact that it is easy to learn (recommended ages 8+), but players still need to use strategy in order to win the game. You can try to complete routes to make your connected path longer, or you can claim routes that interfere with the routes that your opponents want to claim. Having more players also affects strategy, because you have to try and claim the routes you need as soon as possible.Bottom line, I love this game and recommend it to everyone.