2016 Holiday Barbie Doll

2016 Holiday Barbie Doll by MATTEL INC.

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on 11-27-2017

Product Features
  • Age Range: 6Y+
  • A beloved tradition for more than 25 years, the 2016 Holiday Barbie doll rings in the wonder of the holidays and all the joyous festivities
  • Doll is dressed in a beautiful aqua ombre sparkle skirt with detailed bodice and bracelet

  • What buyers are saying
    I have been a Barbie collector since 1989, and I am very disappointed in what the Holiday Barbie Line has come to. I purchased the Blonde 2016 Holiday Barbie and she was a huge let down. First of all, she looks like a regular play line Barbie in the face. Second, she isn't wearing any earrings at all. The only jewelry she is wearing is only a bracelet which makes her look even more plain. Third, she looks like she's wearing the dress of a Dollar Store Barbie Knock Off ! Either Mattel as ran out of ideas or they just don't care about the Holiday Barbie Line anymore because I just don't see the love and effort anymore. The Holiday Barbies of 1988-2013 and 2015 were Barbie elegance, beauty, and fashion at its finest. That's what made them Collector's Barbies and made them different from regular play line Barbies. It will be great to see a Holiday Barbie wear a tiara and a long sleeve dress once again. I also think it would be great to use different colors for a change on a Holiday Barbie such as purple or peach !