Bigs 2 PlayStation 2

Bigs 2 PlayStation 2 by 2K SPORTS

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on 10-2-2018

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Item Description
The Big Leagues just got bigger. The Bigs 2 allows fans to experience heroic gameplay, legendary game modes and incredible player models like they ve never seen before. Elevating The Bigs 2 to new heights are bigger power-ups, amazing visual effects, and an all new career mode. Featuring exciting player animations and pick-up-and-play controls, The Bigs 2 delivers an action-packed, heroic MLB video game experience.


The Wheelhouse
Along with most of the features that players enjoyed from the original game, The Bigs, players of The Bigs 2 will enjoy new features including the Batter s Wheelhouse, an area in every batter s swing where their offensive threat is at its greatest. Color-coated and pulsating for both the batter and pitcher to see, balls struck well within this area are most likely to result in a hit, but there are no guarantees. Although it is a dangerous place for pitchers to throw, the Wheelhouse is also a tempting spot for pitchers to challenge hitters since not only do strikes result in the shrinking of a player s wheelhouse, but strikes and strikeouts centered there will earn the defensive team turbo points that can be used elsewhere in the game.

Key Features

  • Epic Arcade Baseball Action - Larger-than-life gameplay, stadiums and player models provide a truly heroic baseball experience.

  • Batters Wheelhouse - Pitches thrown into the Batters Wheelhouse are more likely to be launched into the next time zone, but sneaking a pitch past the hitter will shrink his wheelhouse for the rest of the game. Do you have the guts to pitch into the Batters Wheelhouse?

  • Legend Challenge - Unique story mode allows users to pit their created player against MLB legends past and present as they strive for a World Series championship and MVP trophy.

Become a legend.
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Arcade style fun.
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