Create Your Own Comic Book Hero Action Figure Customizing Kit

Create Your Own Comic Book Hero Action Figure Customizing Kit by Fourth Castle

by Fourth Castle
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on 12-31-2017

Product Features
  • Age Range: 8 years and up
  • Create the perfect super hero
  • Fully articulated action figures

  • What buyers are saying
    Ordered for my 10 yr old . When we got them the heads would not fit into body. I had to use a Dremal tool to drill down into body, so it would be deep enough for head -extension to fit. Also had to file a little around the 'lip' on the portion that slid into body-it was too wide. Have to be careful not to take too much off. We FINALLY got the heads in & fit 'flush', -only to realize-they won't come out now. So he can't interchange the heads-came w/ 5.Also capes don't fit exactly right. I had to manipulate -squeeze & take the Dremal to the back portion so it would be deep enough.The joints on arms & legs aren't drilled out to good either. Forearm keeps popping off. Not sure if I can make this any better....Comes with 5 paints. No 'fleshtone' - you have to mix the blue,yellow, & red together-then add white to get to shade you want. We haven't tried painting yet. Worried this paint isn't going to work well...He didn't want to send back-he was so excited to try. He is into the customizing of action figures....It would have been really cool, if not for the issues I have stated. For the price it should have been better....kind of a bummer ...