Battlefield 1 for PlayStation 4

Battlefield 1 for PlayStation 4 by EA

by EA
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on 2-8-2018

Product Features
  • Pre-order Battlefield 1 and get the Battlefield 1 Hellfighter Pack and 7-day early access to Battlefield 1 Giant's Shadow released in December 2016.

    What buyers are saying
    There is only one thing I can say that I don't like about this game... that is how well of a game it is. The problem is, it's too good like you get so involved in the game 30 minutes flies by. If your debating on whether you should buy this game or not, I definitely recommend it. First off it's made by Dice, they put a lot of thought into all their games and Battle Field 1 is arguably their best one yet. Battlefield one has also blew its competition outa the water. Battlefield has 235,245 players currently playing on its servers. It's competition infinite warfare has only 15,076 players. If your looking for good, first person shooter game, battlefield 1 is a great choice. I recommend it and I'm sure the other 200,000 people would too.