24V Disney Princess Carriage Ride-On

24V Disney Princess Carriage Ride-On by Dynacraft BSC

by Dynacraft BSC
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on 1-19-2018

Product Features
  • Charge Time: 18 hours before first use, then at least 12 hours after initial charge not exceeding 30 hours
  • Run time: 45 minutes
  • Number of speeds: 2, forward/reverse

  • What buyers are saying
    We bought this for our daughter's 3rd Birthday! When I seen it online we just had to get it for her. I think I may have wanted it a bit more but that's besides the point! LOL. It is Huge and does take atleast 2 people to pick the box up. It can take 1 person to put together but very helpful with 2. The hardest part was putting the side curtains on!! I do wish the stickers came to where you can put them on yourself due to them being crooked in some parts but their already on once you buy. The only problem we really have with it is the traction grips on the tires in the back are already wearing off!! We ride it on pavement and in grass and it works pretty good on both. It can fit her at 30 some pounds and me at around 100 pounds and still rides great!! Her 10 year old brother even rides with her in it!! We Love It!!! Make sure you do charge a day before giving it to your child to ride and don't forget the batteries for each lantern and the steering wheel. It truly is a Fairytale Come True!!!