Call of Duty Dragonfly Aerial Drone 360 Flip Roll Turn Drone Toy HD WiFi Video Camera

Call of Duty Dragonfly Aerial Drone 360 Flip Roll Turn Drone Toy HD WiFi Video Camera by Call of Duty

by Call of Duty
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on 9-12-2018

Product Features
  • Call of Duty Dragon Fly Drone with Camera for photo and video
  • Control the recon drone with your iPhone and/or remote control
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Item Description

Call of Duty Dragonfly Drone with Camera
  • Dragonfly camera drone shoots photo and video with Wi-Fi first person viewing capability
  • Quadcopter with four quiet rotors and six-axis gyroscope for control
  • Use this UAV drone indoors or out
  • Lightweight, yet durable construction for a long-lasting experience
  • Automatic landing, take-off and return functions
  • Performs aerial maneuvers such as flips, spins and rolls
  • The Call of Duty Dragonfly Drone brings game action to life!
  • Recommended for age 14%2B
Maintain air superiority with the Call of Duty Dragonfly Drone. Get your very own remote controlled drone and be the envy of your fire team. Use this camera drone for reconnaissance missions or perform aerial stunts at high speeds with this amazing quad drone. It?s the ultimate edition to your Call of Duty merchandise collection!The dragonfly drone is capable of many impressive aerial maneuvers. Press the flip button on the remote, and the quadcopter drone enters flip mode, where the pilot can make it flip in any direction. Press the spin button and the quad drone performs high-speed spins to the left and right. The dragonfly drone can also use orbital mode to automatically rotate around a set target for capturing photo or video intelligence.This is the perfect camera drone for drone pilots with varying skill levels. The dragonfly drone uses a six-axis gyroscope to make controlling your UAV quad drone easier to control. It has three variable speeds to fit any situation. The remote control for this UAV drone features automatic landing and take-off functions, as well as trim controls to easily balance while in flight. If you lose sight of the quad drone just press the one-key return button and it will automatically come back to the remote.When the dragonfly drone is correctly synced to the remote, you can take photos and record video from the drone?s camera. Then download the Call of Duty Wi-Fi app and live stream the footage to your smart phone. But be forewarned, violating people?s privacy can be illegal in many cases and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules say you cannot take your drone more than 400 ft. high and they restrict using your camera drone for commercial purposes unless you are properly licensed.The dragonfly drone's sleek design and materials make it lightweight and durable. Remote drones with a lighter build are more easily controlled. It is also important to note that the heavier the drone, the more damage it will take from collision and crashing. Any experienced remote airplane or drone pilot will tell you, it takes a while to master flying a drone and even the masters still have accidents. Protect your investment with this solid, lightweight Call of Duty drone!The Call of Duty franchise is one of the most successful in gaming history. It is easily in the top first-person shooter for multiplayer online gaming. Now, you have a chance to own a piece of gaming history outside of the digital warzone, with this awesome Dragonfly quadcopter camera drone.This UAV drone is not a toy for children, recommended age is 14 and up. The Call of Duty Dragonfly Drone with Camera comes with:
  • Dragonfly Quadcopter Drone
  • Remote controller
  • Lithium ion battery
  • USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Smartphone mount
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws (x2)
  • Landing skids (x2)
  • Blades (x4)

  1. Operate in open spaces away from obstacles, people or hazards.
  2. Keep small and electrical parts away from children.
  3. Avoid exposure to water.
  4. Do not operate with low batteries or charge.
  5. Read instructions carefully
  6. Store the drone somewhere safe from extreme temperatures (hot/cold)

What buyers are saying
I've used similar drones before, so when one of these went on clearance for $25, I snapped it up.Since it's Indoor/Outdoor I decided to try and calibrate it indoors to limit hazards. As soon as I finished calibrating and hit the auto-lift, the drone flew straight and to the right, directly into a wall. So, I tweaked the trim. Tried to balance it out. Next launch, I did outside, figuring if I did it in a field I'd have more time to try and adjust to keep it from smashing directly into a wall...again... Liftoff happened and it did the same thing. For the life of me, I could not get the drone to fly correctly. No matter how I adjusted the trim, the drone would always fly sideways or directly into the ground. After 3 battery recharges and about an hour of attempting to get this thing to hover... I'm giving up and taking it back.