Rare Replay (Xbox One)

Rare Replay (Xbox One) by Microsoft

by Microsoft
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on 6-17-2018

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Rare Replay (Xbox One)

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Rare Replay (Xbox One)

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So. Yesterday I went to walmart at Jane/Hwy 7 to buy my lovely girlfriend a necklace to mark our 6 months anniversary. After buying it, I made my way to the electronics department and there was this videogames display. As I approached it, a game caught my attention. I looked at it and said to myself, \"Wait a sec, this can't be it? Walmart website says, \"It is not available in store inch Am I dreaming? Could it be my eyes are playing tricks with me? To make sure it is neither, I picked it up and held in it in my hands. I read the title to make sure it is not a misprint. And then bought it! I went home (gf can wait) and enjoyed this classic collection.