LeapFrog Alphabet Pal Green

LeapFrog Alphabet Pal Green by LeapFrog

by LeapFrog
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on 10-2-2018

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LeapFrog Alphabet Pal - Green

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LeapFrog Alphabet Pal - Green

What buyers are saying
We received this toy as a gift. My one-year old loves the music function on this toy. She becomes bored when playing with the other functions, regardless of whether she's playing with us or alone. The alphabet functions are not very educational. I used to teach before I stayed at home and, like most elementary teachers, I know that letter names, images, and sounds should be taught together not in separate functions as it is on this toy. Constantly switching functions to hear the letter name and sound together is not very practical and listening to several letters then switching functions is not very educational since children lose the immediate letter-sound connection. Also, if you are looking for a pull toy, the string is too short for my tall one-year old to pull behind her. I would not recommend this toy as an educational tool or as a pull toy because it suits neither purpose. It is a good music toy, however. We enjoy singing with it.