As Seen on TV Pillow Pet Dream Lites, Hello Kitty

As Seen on TV Pillow Pet Dream Lites, Hello Kitty by Generic

by Generic
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on 1-15-2018

Product Features
  • Night light
  • Projects starry sky scene
  • Fabric pillow

  • What buyers are saying
    I purchased this item online, and I am very disappointed with it. I'll be returning it. First, it has big black dirt marks all over its white face! Seriously Walmart?! You sent me an item that looked as though it had been ran over several times by a bicycle??!!Second, the Hello Kitty Pillow Pet Dream Lites is cute, but it is MUCH SMALLER than the Pillow Pets. It has a hard plastic center to hold the batteries, so unless a child likes resting their head on a hard piece of plastic, it's too small for a child to use it as a pillow. It should be the same size as the other Pillow Pets! I think it should be called a night light, not a pillow. I do like the way it shines stars on the ceiling and they change colors automatically.