Bloodborne (Playstation 4)

Bloodborne (Playstation 4) by Sony

by Sony
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on 2-8-2018

Product Features
  • Sony Bloodborne
  • Role Playing Game
  • PlayStation 4

What buyers are saying
I get that the point of this game is that you die often and that's the charm to some people, but the long load screens to go back to the exact map where you just died is inexcusable. Then you have to go back through the same map with the same enemies in the same places to try to make slight progress before you die and have to wait a minute for the load screen to put you back in the exact same spot. It's basically the movie Groundhog Day experienced through a video game. Not sure why this game gets reviewed so well.On a positive note, the gothic Victorian environment is pretty cool, and the ambiance of the environmental sounds works well.